About Us

I have struggled FOREVER to write an “About Me” page.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love to create and when I am in the mood to write, boy can I write.  Then one day, my wonderful friend and social media manager came to me and suggested that perhaps I was having a hard time writing the “About Me” page because the entire premise of the 100K has nothing to do with me.  It not about ME it’s about all you amazing athletes and soon to be athletes out there, chasing your dreams, persevering when things get hard. The ones who wake up everyday and choose this life. 

Rodeo is unlike any other sport.  Even the rodeo pros going down the road are funding a huge amount of their bills to do so.  If and when they make it to the NFR and maybe win some rounds, chances are they are likely breaking even for the year. Meanwhile, most other pro sports leagues out there have huge money to support their pro athletes.  

Then we have the “little guys” going down the road to a jackpot, spending $1000 in fuel, entries and stalls to hopefully win even a fraction of that back.  Although it is not a gate kept industry and I believe all of us want to see it grow, it can come across that way solely by the financial cost it takes to participate.  While knowing all along that even IF you make it to the top, financially it doesn’t make it any easier.

So! Here’s where we come into play.  100K is based around generating income to put back into the western, rodeo industry to help it grow and also to support athletes in the industry across all levels of competition. How do we plan to do this? We have created a brand around our pursuits and 100% of the sales proceeds from our website and in-person shopping goes directly back into these incredible athletes hands through event sponsorships and other avenues.